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We have been traveling together as a family since our kids where very little. We started out like most families camping at the beach or the Mountain. As our chidren grew they wanted to do something different so we started taking them on Cruises. We fell in love with how easy and hassle free Cruising was, something for everyone to do.

The next part of our travel history became excorted tours. Our chldren are older and want to see more history and culture close up. So, escorted tours became a great way to do just that.

Now we have grandchildren and are starting on the journey of Muti Generational Travel We can't wait to share are love of Travel with our intire family.

Years ago we had the opportunity to start or own Travel Agency with Dream Vactions. It seemed like such a great fit for our family since we had shared so many vacation memories together. SO, we jump in and have enjoyed the amazing ride and world of travel every since. This is how our Mission Statement came to be:

We help you create Experiences, that turn into Memories which are shared with Family and Friends and last Generations. We help you create DREAM VACATIONS.
Thank You for visiting our website and please feel free to call us toll free at 800-775-2811.
The Hathaway Family

Why We Love Travel

Don Hathaway

When I was a kid the only vacations my parents took where across country to visit relatives. Riding in the back of a 1974 Monte Carlo isn’t what I would consider a vacation. It wasn't until I got married to my wife Joanne that I experienced what a vacation was. We've traveled to Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe, South America and Africa just to name a few. Our kids have been all over the world with us. We love to travel and experience new adventures as a family so starting a family travel business with Dream Vacations was a natural thing to do. Now we get to work and travel together as a family. Helping other families create new adventures and memories is what we are all about.



Karin Dior

I’ve always loved to go and see new places ever since I was a kid. We camped a lot when I was younger and I always remember those trips with my family and they made me happy. I love experiencing new cultures and new languages, seeing how the rest of the world does things and see things differently than I do. Traveling to new places with family has always been a passion of mine, and now that I have a family of my own I love seeing my sons eyes light up every time we go somewhere new! Being a travel agent isn’t just about booking vacations. It’s making sure that people make memories that live on forever! Also, keeping families and loved ones connected in a way that is more rich than just having dinner together over the holidays. Traveling alone, with friends, with family fills your soul and makes living even better and that’s why I love doing this and being the person to make it all happen!



Kristina Hathaway

Ever since I was little I loved to travel, the first place I really remember is Hawaii and thinking that the rocks I found were dinosaur eggs that needed to be buried to hatch. I was only 3 but that experience was so memorable for me that I still remember it even 24 years later. Now seeing and learning new things is always a joy for me. I have been to many places and have seen many things and look forward to seeing even more, I look forward to helping others also go and travel and experience these wonderful places.



Joanne Hathaway

After 40 years of teaching and traveling for education, and raising a family. I traded in my chalk and erasers, so I could help other people get their Dream Vacations and travel whenever and where ever I want to go.



Dawn Mnich

The "travel bug" bit me at a young age. When I was 18, I was fortunate enough to tour with a college show choir to Hawaii, England and Scotland and stay in some of the best resorts in the world! Ever since then, I've been a bit spoiled and travelling has become my passion! I've been on numerous cruises, and have visited Europe, Mexico, Hawaii and lots of awesome destinations right here in the US. I like to include a couple of my other obsessions in my travel adventures as well - my love of wine and fitness! I know they kind of work against each other, but I enjoy them both equally! I am so excited to share my travel experiences with you and help you create your own vacations of a lifetime! Life is short - treasure the time you spend with your friends and family and most importantly, don't take life too seriously....HAVE FUN!!  Work hard, play hard!  Cheers!



Erica Taico

I love to travel because of the quality time I get with my loved ones. I get a chance to learn and experience different cultures. Each vacation taken is a chance at a new adventure. All the memories made on each trip will never be forgotten and just bring happiness when I think of them. I make it a point to always plan a trip at least once a year. It allows me to look forward to family time and of course relaxation!

it was AMAZING! We had an absolute BALL on the cruise!

So the kids and I just got back from a 5 day Eastern Carribean Cruise booked by Karin Dior of Hathaway Dream Vacations.  Initially, i thought that using a Travel Agent was useless & felt I could cut out the middle man & plan my own vacation....Boy was I WRONG! The service Karin provided was unbelievable & came at a time when I had so much going on..I needed the help.  Karin literally thought about everything, planned our trip flawlessly, booked everything & tended to details ...I would have never even known existed. When we got on our cruise & entered our stateroom, it was beautifully decorated with Celebratory stickers, streamers, etc. and delivered was the most moist and delicious chocolate cake to Celebrate my daughter's Middle School graduation...all from Karin Dior @ Hathaway Dream Vacations! We had an absolute BALL on the cruise! I''m totally & completely SOLD on the use of a Travel Agent...but not just any agent...Karin Dior of Hathaway Dream Vacations only.  Looking forward to my next trip!

Gaynelle Brown-Robinson, Corona California

We just got back from our first cruise with Hathaway Dream Vacations, and it was AMAZING! I did a lot of the research individually and realized how much time I wasted, when I went to Hathaway Dream Vacations, they already had all the information for me in a much more expedient and precise manner.  I can't wait to book my next Vacation!

Alejandro Bravo, Palm Springs California



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